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This site was last updated on February 13, 2018.

New Material
Thanks to Cindy Gibson, we now have photos of James Alvord Winter, Fannie Isobel Winter, Isaac Lincoln III, Lois Lucina Bingham, William Benjamin Lincoln, and Charlotte Lincoln. Their thumbnail photos may be seen on these genealogical charts: The Family of James Alvord Winter & Charlotte Isobel Bean and The Family of William Benjamin Lincoln & Fannie Isobel Winter. Please write to me if you have photos or other materials we could add to our archives.

Having trouble using the archives?
Please contact me if you're having trouble using our archives — for example, if you're not able to download a full-size image by clicking on its small image in an annotated collection. These problems are caused by quirks in the way different browsers (and different versions of the same browser) behave. It's annoying.

If you do scanning
If you scan photos, be sure to do it in both high resolution and large format. The two variables work together. Here's a simple rule of thumb: measure the longest dimension of the photo in inches, then divide 3000 by the measurement. The result is the resolution value you should set your scanner to for that photo. For example, if the longest dimension of the photo is seven inches, divide 3000/7 = 428.57. That means you should set your scanner's resolution to 430 dpi (or ppi) or the next highest setting. Computers are misleading; a low resolution scan looks great on a computer, but the same scan will look terrible when printed. If you're interested, here's a link to some simple scanning tips: Scanning Tips PDF file.

I need your help
If you see broken links or mistakes, have questions, can identify people in the photos, or have old family photos or other materials we could add to our family archives, please send me an email. If you prefer, you can lend me your materials and I'll scan them for you.

Understanding the archive numbers
I've assigned an archive number to every item. Here's a simple explanation of what the number means, using two examples: LP-CA3076 and RD-McCLetters009. The first letter(s) of the prefix designates who has the original item. Thus, L means that Lisa Brown Schoonmaker has the original item and R means that I (Randy) have it. The final letter in the prefix (P or D in these examples) designates whether the item is a photo or a document. The code immediately following the hyphen designates the collection. For example, CA3 means Chandler album number 3 and McCLetters means (Laura) McCullaugh Letters. The numbers following the collection designation identify the item in the collection. Thus, LP-CA3076 means that item 076 is a photo from Chandler album number 3 and that Lisa Brown Schoonmaker has the original. RD-McCLetters009 means that item 009 is a document in a collection of Laura McCullaugh's letters and that I have the original. At a later date, I will make a web page that lists all the codes and what they mean.

Improving the look of the photos
I have worked on every photo (to varying degrees) in Photoshop. Nearly every photo could be further improved or repaired, and you may be interested in doing that. If you are really serious about it, I highly recommend the book Digital Restoration from Start to Finish by Ctein (Focal Press 2010). Please let me know if you improve a photo and are willing to share it on this website.

All the photos in the archives are JPG files, which are compressed to use less memory. However, I have all the original scans saved as TIFF files, which save every bit of color information. Please contact me if you would like to use an original TIFF file to improve a photo. The difference in file size is huge; 40 megabytes for TIFF versus 2 megabytes for JPG of the same image is not unusual.

Privacy and security
This website is password protected. When you click on the Family Index link at the bottom of this page, you will be prompted to log in with both Username and Password, which family members have. If you are not a family member and would like access to this website, please contact me.

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